Saturday, 20 March 2010



this is beautiful coral.. baby orange color, its going to look beautiful
with a tan!

gosh darling is such a beautiful nude <3

mememe.beat the blues highlight.. is gorgeous! :) and so much cheap than benifit high beam! try it out :D its a beautiful goldey color...

i love this rimmel eyebrow pencil :)<3

i never really liked mineral foundation!... but i swacthed this in superdrug <3 its lovely, and covers really well!

i love this foundation! its amazing, i personally think its just like studio fix fluid! :)

i heard pixie lott uses this :) so im going to have to try it out..!

& some new mac goodies

mac well dressed blush & mac springsheen blush <3

MAC FIX + i cant wait to try this, i love dewy skin.. so im sure this is going to be amazing in summer.

MAC black tied eyeshadow is gorgeous! perfect for a smokey eye

mac bare study paint pot, going to be a gorgeous base :)

ysl lingerie pink lipstick... <3



st tropez spray! :) this is so gorgeous, it doesnt streak at all & never comes out orange. always bronze and brown... i need to get a new bottle very soon before i run out!

barry m bright pink nailpaint, collection 2000 hotlooks;dansty, collection 2000 hot looks;button moon.

i really want a blackberry! :) and these cases are amazing! im going to get one for my birthday! <3 cannot wait... omomom

cheryl cole lash's are gorgeous :)!...

& so are these :) <3

nyc falsies! :).. super cheap & gorgeouss!

how cute is this? i saw it in boots when i last went in! i just had to have a look at it, it smells divine!!! :) so summerry and fresh! x

& last but not least some lush goodies!..


i ADORE this dress (L)

ive been loving the whole "navy" pin up, kind of things lately! :) i think this is lovely, and will be nice for everyday wear..

ive been eyeing these babies up since christmas.. but i never got them as i though they were a little to "summery", but there so gorgeous! now its coming into summer i cant wait to snap a pair up!

I love this bag, i think its gorgeous & so pretty for summer :)!

this purse is lovely :) it looks really fresh & would look beautss with the bag! <3

i adore boyfriend jeans, speshly these ones, they'll look amazing with just about everything :)! while being super comfy at the same time!

i love both sets of these braclets, there so pretty <3

how gorgeous :)?!

these sandels are the bee's knee's, i love everything about them :) im definatly going to have to get some for this summer... lets just hope its sunny!

<3 :)


so extra little bits, i have to get my hands on!

im totally in love with this jacket (: ahhh...

:) <3 i best get savingx